Starlink initial Review

Starlink is an affordable high speed, low latency internet service for rural locations that uses a constellation of thousands of satellites that surround the earth.

We ordered our Starlink system back in January where we put our $99 deposit down waiting for our service address to open up, estimated at 9 months at the time.

In May Starlink announced Starlink RV which would allow us to order our Starlink equipment immediately and use it immediately an any location in the Available zone or the Waitlist zone on the Starlink Availibility Map.

With the stipulation that the service would be deprioritized to Best Effort Service which meant potentially lower speeds than the Residential Service.

Up until that point only Starlink Residential was available, Starlink would not ship you the hardware until your service address was in the available zone on the Starlink Availability Map.  You could change your location but the area you want to re-locate to had to be in the available zone before you could re-locate.  Also, when you changed your location you lose your spot at your old service address, and you may not be able to get it again when you need it.





Starlink Availibility Map

Map of satellites in orbit moving on the map


We ordered our Starlink RV on 5-24-22, received 5-31-22 the box , Invoiced 6-3-22, first month 6-10-22 to 7-9-22

RV can be ordered immediately not dependent on a service address

30 day return policy

RV Shipping boxes, big box and ethernet adapter separate small box

Starlink Residendial VS Starlink RV

Residential RV
Cost $110 per month $135 per month
Location Must Set Service Address Starlink RV
Roaming – portability False True
Service Availability Available area only Waitlist or Available area
Must change service address Yes no
Immediate ordering No – wait for service Immediate ordering, quick ship
Service Prioritized Best Effort Service – deprioritized
Pausing Allowed No Yes


RV – $135 per month

Portability extra $25 vs the residential

Location – Starlink RV

Roaming – True

Can get service in the Waitlist Zone or the Available zone on starlink availability map

You do not have to change the service address when moving, just move and power up.

You can order immediately and get your Starlink in weeks.

Roaming – True vs False   (Settings, Advanced, DEBUG DATA, Dish-Roaming) = True

Service – Best Effort Service (Residential service customers get priority)

Pausing service month to month is allowed in RV not in Residential

Residential – $110 per month

Location – Service address must be set

Roaming – False (Settings, Advanced, DEBUG DATA, Dish-Roaming) = False

May have to wait a substantial period of time to get a Starlink for your service address, months or over a year.

Service only in the Available Zone area on the starlink Availibility map.  No service in the waitlist area.

Service address has to be changed when moving locations

You may not be able to secure a new address in the cell that you want because that cell is full and does not have an opening.

Service – Prioritized or high speed

Parts in the Box

Router, cable, dish, mount, 150 cable, 75 foot cable, 

Extra Required

Ethernet Adapter $25  (only if you require a wired ethernet connection)

Install the APP

Set up the Wifi SSID and Password

Visibility – measures the amount of tree obstruction for the antenna

Range – determines Wifi range 

Speed – Tests the speed of the Connection, Speed – Iphone internet – router to internet – Iphone to Router

Network – Devices on your wifi connection

Statistics – Connection statistics

Settings – Stowing, Wifi setup, Advanced to Debug data

Support – Various faqs and information on troubleshooting and setup

 Connection speed in our first few days was very impressive considering we had tree obstructions and we were on the Starlink RV Best Effort Connection speed which is deprioritized compared to the Residential service.


Theft Prevention Ideas

Stickers that say GPS Tracked – Do not steal

Sticker that says Radioactive Warning

Airtag or Tile

Gamecam or wireless cloud security camera

Pound long stakes into each leg

Bike motion alarm

Put Dish Network Sticker, make it all dirty

6 foot pole, hammered into the ground, antenna locked to pole.

Attach razor blades to the antenna, joke



Easy ordering – In 10 minutes we had our Starlink RV ordered on the website

Fast Shipping – It only took 6 days from order until we received our Starlink Box

Easy setup – Anyone can set up Starlink and be streaming Netflix in15 minutes

Very Fast Connection – High speed connection, 50MBPS to 200 MBPS

Does not replace LTE coverage yet, Trees and other obstructions