Watch our Video above on how to replace the keypad permanently and quickly.

The Problem

When we bought our Grand design Solitude Fifth Wheel over 2 years ago, one of the first upgrades we did was install an RV lock on the front door.  This is one of our best upgrades because it makes it easy to lock and unlock the door without keys.

We have an RV Lock with original keypad design with a outside sticker type membrane that over time begins to crack and deterioriate.

The Solution

When this happens most people just order a new keypad sticker membrane.  Its only $9.99 and installs in seconds.

When I called RV Lock to order one they told me about another option.  They offer a complete silicone keypad module upgrade that you install inside your RV Lock.  

It costs $19.99 and takes about 10 minutes to install and requires a few tools but, it fixes the cracked keypad permanently.

I would rather spend 10 more dollars and invest a few minutes into a permanant fix than have to order and replace the keypad every couple of years.

If you bought an RV Lock today, it comes with the new Keypad design.


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