Our RV has a Thetford Aqua Magic Residence Style II RV toilet.  After two years of full time RVer use the water valve started to drip and the waste ball seal was not holding water in the bowl.

In our first video I show how to remove the toilet, disassemble it, replace the worn parts and re-install the toilet.

Our Second Video, I show how replacing the entire base is a much better idea than replacing the parts alone.  First, it only costs $30 more to replace the entire base than replacing the parts.   Second, replacing the base is much faster and easier.  Third, and most importantly you don’t have to get your hands dirty in a bunch of crap, literally. 

Base Installation Steps

  1. Turn off the water at the spigot outside.

2. Detach the water supply line

3. Remove the toilet by removing the two 1/2 inch toilet flange nuts with a ratchet

4. Plug the toilet flange opening with a bag or something that will block the smell from the black tank.

5. Disconnect the Vacuum Breaker hose from the back of the toilet by squeezing the spring clamp

6. Remove the two 3/8th bolts that connect the China Bowl to the Base.  Keep the metal and plastic washers on the bolt.

7. Rotate the china bowl counter clockwise to disengage the tab holding the china bowl.

8. Lift off the china Bowl

9. Insert the Waste Ball retaining ring on the new Base.

10. Rub plumbing silicone lube on the Waste Ball gasket and place it on the Waste Ball retaining ring.

11. Flip the Base upside down and put the Flange Gasket on the bottom of the Base.

12. Clean the bottom of the China bowl so the china bowl and the Base make a good seal.

13. Lift the china bowl on the new Base, aligning the four tabs with the holes on the bottom of the china bowl.

14. Rotate the china bowl clockwise until the tabs engage and the holes in the china bowl align with the holes in the base.

15. Insert the two bolts through the china bowl and into the two holes in the base.  Make sure they holes are centered with each other. Make sure the metal washer goes on first then the plastic washer, the plastic should be touching the china bowl.

16. se a 3/8th ratchet to tighten down the bolts, be careful not to over-tighten, the plastic washer should deform slightly.

17. Re-connect the vacuum breaker tube with retaining ring

18. Re-install the Toilet

19. Clean the toilet flange with a disposable rag.

20. Align the Toilet flange T-bolts in the slots on the Flange, so they will meet up with the holes in the base of the toilet.

21. Carefully lift the toilet assembly over the bolts and push the bolts through one side at a time.

22. Rotate the base a little bit back and forth so the flange gasket at the bottom of the base will align with the flange.

23. Insert the 1/2 in nuts over the flange T-Bolts.

24. Tighten the nuts with a 1/2inch ratchet.  Snug down so the gap between the base and the floor closes.  Wiggle the toilet, if the toilet is still moving snug down until it stops moving, but be careful not to over-tighten, it is just plastic.

25. Re-connect the water supply line by hand, do not overtighten with a wrench, the plastic will strip and leak.

26. Turn the water on at the spigot.

27. Test flush the toilet, make sure the waste ball seal holds water.

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