Map of the Hanna Park Campground  Tent Only = 26 sites 25 foot or less = 9 sites 35 foot or less = 110 sites 40 Foot or less = 106 sites 45 foot or less = 22 sites Host Camper = 9 sites Cabins = 6

All the Sites are Full Hookup
50 amp
30 Amp

Some sites are  narrow and are designated that they cannot accommodate any slides

Other sites are a little wider and can accomodate one slide only

The largest sites are wide enough to accomodate slides on both sides 

The reservation website is unusual.  You enter the dates you are looking for and the campground map will have green circles around the sites that are available.  The sites are small, so don’t think you can squeeze your 45 foot rig into a site designated for 35 foot or less.  Watch the video to see if it looks like you can fit your rig.  Some of the sites in the video have rigs in them so it could make it easier or harder to estimate the size compared to your Camper.

The best thing about this campground is the trees BUT, you will need to be extra careful when navigating inside the campground with your Rig.  The rows are very narrow and many campers have there vehicles very close to the lanes.  There are many low hanging trees so extra care should be taken when going around corners as not to clip a tree with the roof of your camper.  Parking at night is extra tough, it is dark, the lanes will be extra crowed with vehicles, you won’t be able to see the trees in the corners or in your site.