Our RV is too big! Even though we live in it full time, we have found we don’t need 35 feet (though Larry’s recent illness has made us “camp” for months near UF Health so we like the room). So, we are looking to downsize- always haha. The 280 RK is shorter and has a floor plan that we really like. Is this our new camper? In this quick RV tour, we show you what we like and don’t like about this fifth wheel trailer by Grand Design. The rear kitchen (with windows that open) and living area feels spacious; the two exits in the is nice & the bathroom has lots of storage; and the bedroom is smaller but with more storage around the bed. On the outside, there’s a hitch but no bumper; awning on both slides; and a window in the hallway?
Comparing the floorplans between our current RV the 310gk and the new 280RK.  The 310 is a few feet bigger but the floorplan is completely different.  The RK stands for Rear Kitchen which substantially changes the layout  of the rig.  

Big Differences with the 280 RK

Kitchen is in the rear.

The bed is not is a slide in the front.

The kitchen island is much smaller

No Rear couch in the back

Bathroom has two entrances

Extra large window opposite bathroom

Washing machine prep in the kitchen

Bedrooom closet slide

Pantry closet in the back.


Similarities of the 280RK and the 3110GK

Same GVWR 15,000 lbs

Similar UVW (12,334 – 280RK)  (12,100 – 310GK)

3 slides

Same width –  101 inches

Same theater seats and dinette but in opposite orientation.

Both can have Queen or King Bed

All the appliances are the same for both units, refridgerator,

water heater, heater, AC’s, microwave, Oven, TV, Etc

Similar price about $125,000 list, much less in reality.


If we had to buy a new fifth wheel today I think Alice and I would both choose the 280RK instead of the 310GK.  Its a little smaller than  our 310GK which we would like and we really like the rear kitchen setup.  We also like the idea of the bed not being on a slide.   We have had problems with our bedroom slide opening and closing.  We have to be very careful how  much weight we have on the bed and in the underneath compartment, too much weight and it wont open or close properly.

We are not in a position to switch units right now, but maybe someday.