We are stuck in Florida! We planned to go northwest to escape the Florida heat this summer, but Larry’s recent diagnosis with a rare Neuro disease (MOGAD) has meant a change in plans. We must stay near UF Health at a private RV park/campground/resort so Larry can get IV/IG infusion treatments

So, we checked out 6 private RV parks all around Gainesville, Florida, north of Gainesville and south of Gainesville.

In this video, we will show you the campground where we stayed for two months, the 6 we toured, and the one that we picked in the end. We used to travel full time, moving every week to two weeks, so being stationary in our RV for months at a time is something new (except when Florida state parks were shut down at the start of the Pandemic).

Its an adjustment, but necessary for Larry’s health. Let us know how you like staying in one spot for months. Also, let us know if we missed a RV park that would fit our criteria.

Links to private RV Parks/Campgrounds/Resorts:

Strawberry Fields for RVers: https://strawberryfieldsforrvers.com/

Williston Crossings RV Resort: https://willistoncrossingrv.com/

Ocal North RV Resort: https://www.ocalanorthrvresort.com/

Grand Lake RV & Golf: https://www.sunoutdoors.com/florida/grand-lake-rv-golf-resort

Travelers Campground: https://www.travelerscampground.com/

Gainesville RV/ Dixieland: https://gainesvillervpark.com/

Links to videos 🎥
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Click on the campground maps below to see larger versions to download